1/21: R.R. Brooks

My final guest for our great fantasy writers’ tour, is R.R. Brooks (www.appalachianroundtable.com –look for Bob Brooks’ page) who writes fantasy, mystery, and science fiction. His epic fantasy novel Justi the Gifted will be published momentarily by Leo Publishing L.L.C. (www.leopublishing.net) and can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local bookstore (they’d love for you to visit).

“A gift from a god can be good. But what if it is damaged?”RRB front small

R.R. tells us about his epic fantasy and the key characters.

Creating a sympathetic protagonist means revealing the hero’s inner thoughts. I do that for Justi’s thinking from the beginning. He first imagines how his mother views him. She seemed to think he would do something of importance for the Kingdom of the Zell. Not that there was such a thing anymore.

After his power to burn things is reveals, he frets about that and what it means, wishing to be a normal kid. The thoughts he’d worked so hard to suppress came back. He wasn’t normal and was cursed with something he couldn’t really control. He wanted to hide and make it all go away.

When the sixteen-year-old village girl Tirea becomes amorous, Justi says, “I like you very much, Tirea, but there’s this voice inside me saying that this is wrong. My touching you would do you wrong.”

Later he thinks: Maybe he’d rejected Tirea’s invitation because he was shy. Stupid and shy.

Justi meets the girl his father’s shade said he must find. Justi glanced at Mercerio, observing a face framed by long hair the color of pitch. Pretty, he thought. Maybe even beautiful.

The relationship between the teenagers goes through ups and downs, but eventually Justi is forced to embrace his role in the conflict with the conquering barbarians. When the pair is alone in the dark, Justi assesses Mercerio: The princess was beautiful, and he wanted her near him, to have her under his protection…. Fire reflected in her dark eyes, and moonlight gave a pale glow to her hands. She seemed very royal.

Justi carries out a second rescue of Mercerio, during which she is wounded. He again has time to express his feeling—in his head. Justi considered the princess. Without her armor, she had regained her usual shape. Her tunic was ripped and bloody, her legs mud-splattered, and her hair contained twigs. He thought she looked fetching.Justi cover final

The overt expression of the feelings these two have for each other has to wait for the next book. Justi the Gifted ends with the promise of love to come.

And that concludes our tour and today’s visit with R.R. If you’ve joined this tour recently, be sure to check out the other authors featured on this site. Happy hunting and enjoy the read!



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